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Ideal Selling Solutions, Inc. | Altamonte Springs, FL

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About the Sandler Training of Orlando, Florida team

Dedicated to your success

Meet Michael Aldrich

Mike has been involved in sales and executive sales management for over 25 years. During this time, he has managed, hired and coached both field based and inside sales professionals. He has worked with multiple industries and organizations across North America, but all are focused on implementing sales & marketing programs for the purpose of driving revenues. Mike is an enthusiastic, solutions-focused leader, with the knowledge and expertise to help organizations set and exceed their most challenging goals, through practical, proven, and experience-based training programs and methodologies.


Meet Kim Aldrich

Kim is an Award-Winning Sales Executive with over 25 years of professional sales experience. Her experience began in Pharmaceutical Sales and grew into corporate positions in hospital systems and managed care organizations. Kim acted as a Corporate Trainer for Account Service and Customer Experience. Kim has a passion for relationship building and helping people achieve their goals with the idea that sales is a “noble” profession.

Dedicated to Your Success

Meet Eric Shulman

With almost 30 years of Sandler background, Eric is a true student of Sandler's methodology. He has trained thousands of sales professionals in over 100 different industries. His keynote speeches at national conventions are always a hit. He is both entertaining and informative...a true "Enter-Trainier". Eric's involvement with several local business organizations and chambers as well as local non-profits shows his commitment to giving back to his business community in a meaningful way.