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Ideal Selling Solutions, Inc. | Maitland, FL

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Advance and Grow with Sandler

We train, coach, and consult with sales professionals, sales managers and teams, and C-suite executives from small to large organizations to assist them in developing sales systems that stimulate dynamic growth, a culture of excellence, and results competitors can't beat.

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Co-Pilots and Partners

We bring a potent mixture of sales, sales management, and entrepreneurial experience and success to our training, coaching, and consulting. We help you and your team put the concepts and techniques of the Sandler Selling System into practice through a blended approach of training and coaching for sustainable, long-lasting improvements, organizationally and individually. Our intention is to help you advance your professional aspirations and ascend to new heights of personal growth.

Messages and Messengers

Why are self-confident ignoramuses so often believed?

Why are thoughtful experts frequently given the cold shoulder?

Why do some people seem credible yet others inherently untrustworthy - even when they're saying the same thing?

When deciding whether or not someone is worth listening to, we think we carefully weight their words and arguments. But those are far from being the only factors that hold sway with us.

In this 90 minute Influencing Masterclass, discover who we listen to, who we don't, and why!

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