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Employee Services

Criminal Background Check and Employee Personality Assessments

Avoid a potential hiring disaster. Learn more

Don't forget the Criminal Background check:

  • Avoid Law Suits

    The average employer pay out for a negligent hiring suit is One Million dollars.

  • Avoid Theft

    Three in TEN business failures are caused by employee theft.

  • Avoid False Information

    One-Third of all applications contain false information regarding experience or fail to disclose criminal convictions that affect you and your employees’ safety.

  • Avoid Catastrophic Events

    Relying on web-based backgrounds or a do it yourself service is a risky practice that can lead to catastrophic employee related events.

An SLSA Background Check Includes All 50 States & Their Counties

Unlike most backgrounds which limit the scrutiny to a few states and counties. Each background is accompanied by a formal written report. Our criminal background includes the following...

  • Criminal History
  • Driving Record
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Property Ownership
  • Address History
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Liens
  • Judgements
  • Global Watch List

Other Employee Services Available

  • Pre-screening and Placement

  • Exit Interviews

  • Internal Investigations

  • Periodic Background Audits

Meet Tom Paine, Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

Tom began his Federal Investigative career in 1986 as a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). He conducted numerous investigations relating to almost every case category within his jurisdiction; Theft, embezzlement, murder, product substitution, fraud, workplace violence, and espionage just to name a few. He also was assigned to protective service teams to augment the Secret Service when presidents, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, H.W. Busch, George Busch, and Secretary of Defense William Cohen visited Naval Installations.

Tom has conducted hundreds of investigations, many having Congressional oversight, requiring his testimony before Congress, Grand Juries, State prosecutors and provided detailed briefings to military commands and U.S. Attorneys.

In 1998, he transferred to the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, (DCIS), where he specialized in Federal Procurement Contract Fraud. There he continued his pursuit of crooks who defraud the government until his mandatory retirement in 2011. After retirement, Tom opened SLSA Investigative Agency where he continues to provide a full range of investigative services to individuals, company’s and attorneys.